House Calls

For a variety of reasons, there may be times where it is not feasible for you to bring your animal to our clinic. Just as we are able to make house calls to see horses and llamas, so to are we able to see your dog or cat at home. Where the goal of all interactions between the veterinarian and your animals is to relieve stress, as opposed to add to it, accomodations can be made to see your dog or cat at home, where they are most comfortable.

These accomdations can be made for animals that are not able to get into and out of cars, for owners that are not able to safely transport their pets to our clinic, for clients that have several animals that will all need to be seen (i.e. for wellness exams and vaccinations), and certainly for end of life situations where owners would like their animal euthanized in the comforts of their own house.

For house calls, please contact our clinic for availability.