In House Laboratory

Woodland Veterinary Clinic is equiped with an inhouse laboratory to help with the diagnosis'. An in house lab allows for quicker results, which leads to quicker diagnosis', and quicker treatments, meaning your animal can start their road to recovery as soon as possible.

An in house lab has other benefits, in addition to expediting the diagnosis and treatment of your animal. These benefits include the ability to analyze an animals blood chemistry and the functionality of their internal systems prior to performing surgery. This allows for the tailoring of anesthetic to your animal.

Having an in house lab also allows us to reduce costs to perform routine bloodwork to monitor your animals recovery, in addition it allows us to keep a baseline of your animals' bloodwork to monitor healthy trends and catch any leading changes in the bloodwork before they lead to more serious issues.

Our in house lab is also equiped to analyze urine samples for suspected urinary tract infections, diagnosis of diabetes, among others. We are also equiped to analyze fecal samples to look for causes of vomitting, diarrhea, and other stomach ailments.