Nutrition Counseling

An often underrated component of your pets' health is their nutrition. What they are or are not eating can go a long way towards keeping your dog or cat happy and healthy. The pitfall that many owners find themselves in is the sheer amount of choices that are on the market.

The variety of brands and recipes of pet food can be completely overwhelming. Different life stages, proteins, conditions, feeding amounts, labels, ingredients, the list goes on and on. Which is best for your dog or cat? It's enough to drive a person mad. While it may seem easier to solve a rubics cube than choose a pet food, understanding a few facts about the food that you are looking at, or the food that you are already feeding your dog or cat, can go along way in choosing what is best for your situation.

Through both experience and research, the team at Woodland Veterinary Clinic can answer your nutritional questions and help guide you to choosing a food that your pet will both enjoy, as well as provide them with the essential nutrients that are necessary to a healthy lifestyle for your dog or cat.