Rabbits and Small Mammals

Rabbits get sick too, so do gerbals, hamsters, ferrets, and any of your other small mammals. Like all other animals that were wild before become domesticated, these small mammals will hide most signs of appearing ill or injured, so they don't appear vulnerable. This is when your owners' inuition must prevail, and if you feel that your pet simply 'isn't acting right', we are available to see your small friend to diagnose and treat.

Typical issues for rabbits and small mammals involve your rabbit not eating, this can lead to your rabbits' body temperature dropping, causing hypothermia. If you notice this inappetence it is important to call a vet. Infections can also occur in rabbits and small mammals. Those animals that spend any time outdoors, even in a cage or pen are more susceptible to infections than an animal that spends all of it's time indoors.