Senior Care

Just as our diet and lifestyle needs change as we age, so to do the needs of your pet.

A natural byproduct of aging is a decrease in activity level. While this is natural, it is still important to keep your pet active as they age. Prolonging good health of your pets' muscles, bones and joints are all benefits of keeping your pet active while they age.

A second issue with decreased activity level in aging pets is obesity, which can lead to more problems that simply bone and joint pain. As your pet ages, their caloric needs decrease, but they still need to receive all of the valuable vitamins and nutrients that they are getting from their food, so simply reducing how much your dog or cat eats, isn't always the best answer, in many cases a new diet, formulated for aging dogs or cats might be warranted. As your dog or cat ages, the functionality of some of their important internal organ systems might have decreased. In cases like these, it is important to provide your dog or cat with a diet that is well formulated for their condition so their diet does not turn into a cause for disease.

Diligent management of your pets diet, exercise and weight, will ensure a high quality of life, throughout the senior years.